Answers to Your Questions

How does it work?

Getting an online company store from MCA is an easy and painless process. Simply fill out the Online Company Request Form and an Account Manager will contact you within 48 hours.


Does M.C.A. charge a set-up fee?

No, there is no fee or charge to get an Online Company Store from M.C.A.


Does M.C.A. charge a hosting fee?

Hosting is free for the first 3 months of your contract and only $19.99 a month after.


Does  M.C.A. have contracts?

No, You have 3 plan options with M.C.A.Standard, Enhanced and Premium. You will not pay anything to host your site for the first 3 months for all plans and you can see the pricing after that on our Pricing Guide.


How long does it take to set up my store?

Your store will be ready to place orders on within 2 weeks from receiving the Online Company Store Request Form and your Approved artwork.


How do I pick the products for my store?

When filling out the Online Company Store Request Form you will have the option to choose the category of products you want on your store. Example: Polo’s, Dress Shirts, Outerwear, Workwear…


Can you have only specific items on your store?

Absolutely! Our catalogs can be fully customized to fit your companies or organizations needs. Just let your Account Manager know the exact products or apparel items you need and we will do the rest.


Is there a minimum or maximum number of products i have to order from my site?

No, there are no minimum or maximum quantities you must order from your online store.


What if i never order from the store?

If no orders are placed in the first 3 months of your contract then it will void and we will take down your online store and you will not be charged anything. Its completely Risk Free!

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